Two days walking in Barcelona

October 23th and 24th, 2021

Very interesting new routes that will let you discover the beautiful city of Barcelona.

The International Walk of Barcelona in 2021 will take place on October  23th and 24th.

Two days walking in Barcelona

International Walk of Barcelona


Barnatresc Internacional


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Beginning and End: Parc Antoni Santiburcio, Santa Coloma av., 40 U08030 Barcelona). Underground station “Torras i Bages” (L1)



Beginning time:

 OCTOBER 23th 
- 20 km route: there are two start times for 250 people each – from 7.15h to 7.45h am, and from 8 to 8’30h am.

- 20 km route: there are two start times for 250 people each – from 7.15h to 7.45h am, and from 8 to 8’30h am.

End time: The end time for all routes is at 3.00 pm.

- Walkers older than 70 or younger than 10, if they want to, can participate in the Barnatresc Internacional routes, because, according to the rules of the IML, it will be valid to get the assistance control in their IML passports. Those people must register themselves as if they were going to walk 20 or 30 km routes and pay the fee established.


Beginning time:
There will be 3 start turns for 250 people each: from 8.45 to 9.15 am; from 9.30 to 10.00h am; and from 10.15 to 10.45h am.

End time:
Every day, it will be at 3.00pm.

Registrations can only be made individually, not in group.

By Internet

From October 4st to October 2021, until 9pm of October 21th, 2021.

Access to register CLOSED

Procedure to follow:

Once filled the registration form and payed the fee, you will receive an email from Paypal that confirms that the registration and the payment have been made (even if you pay by Visa, Master Card, etc.).

The confirmation of the registration and of the paiment via Paypal is an automatic procedure generated automatically. That’s why some internet servers identify this kind of mails as “non desired mails” and move them to an unseen folder. Please check them to find them before claiming. If you have not received it, you must send an email (before October 15th, at 21h) to the address It must be done only by Internet, there will not be any possibility to do so in person.

If you do not receive any of this email, please send an email (before October 15th, 2019, at 9 pm) to to confirm that the registration has been made properly. Do not wait and send this email as soon as possible.

Route form

Together with the registration, you will receive the route form of the registered person. This form MUST be printed in order to participate (it’s compulsory to have the form printed). You cannot have it on the smartphone, because we need to read the bar code at the beginning and end and we must make holes in the pass controls. Those readings of the bar code will be the prove that this person has fulfilled the route and it will give the walker access to the register of the members of the IML WA or of the IVV.

There will not be any kind of paper given at the start.
In the confirmation of the registration there will be a QR code to have access to all the needed information: routes, maps, etc.

IMPORTANT: If, once the registration has been made, any walker needs to make any change on it, you can’t make a new registration. You must send an email to the address In this email you must add all the personal data of the walker and the change s/he needs to make. This email cannot be used to send any kind of registration, only to send changes or to ask for more information.

Fee for registrations

made and paid via internet (PAYPAL) or (VISA via Paypal)): 15€ per person.

It includes: the participation in the routes of both days, the stablished provisionings, an accident insurance



The Barnatresc Internacional routes of both days are part of the calendar of Barnatresc. They have the same rules than the other events that belong to this calendar.


Register of the activities as member of the IML WA

According to the IML WA rules, in order to get the participation stamp of the CIB for the IML it's compulsory:

  • Every walker must show their route card with the proves of having passed by all the established controls of the routes, minimum 20 km each day, for both days of the walk (with the established exception of walkers older than 70).
  • The name of the route card must coincide with the name of the IML passport to be stamped.
  • This documents must be shown individually by each walker in person.
  • In the IML passport, there must be a photograph sticked. If there's no photograph, walkers must show a personal identity card or passport.
  • The fact to get stamps in the IML passport allows the owner to get several kinds of medals and certificates that the IML has as awards and incentives to the participation to the events that belong to the annual calendar of the IML.

Provisioning and pass controls

There will be pass and provisioning controls in several places of the route.
The organization cannot know exactly how many people will participate. For this reason, the distribution of the provisions (solid or liquid) will be made while they are still available.
Provisioning service cannot be a substitutive of the nutritional needs of walkers. Every one must foresee their own need of food and drink according to their personal and individual nutritional needs.
Water will be provided by water dispensers, a much more ecological system than any small plàstic bottles. Those dispensers will only be touched by members of the Organization in order to avoid infections. We ask walkers to bring with them any container to collect the water.


Health assistance

There will be health assistance for walkers at the beginning/end of the route and along each one. There will be ambulances, too, to support them.
For any incidence, you can phone here: 609 057 181 and 616 672 173.


OCTOBER 23th 2021


Start time: 7.15h am to 7.45h am, and from 8 am till 8.30h am
End time:
23,470 km. 
Approximate length: 
3 hours. 
Provisioning and pass control (CPA): 
Portell de Valldaura (8.00 – 11.00 h)
Pas control (C): Pl. Vall d’Hebron (9.00 – 12.00h)

Route:  Park Antonio Santiburcio (#), Torras i Bages av., Santa Coloma av., Parc of la Trinitat (1), Mireia st., Sarajevo bridge, Sa Tuna st., Pas Antonio Cuadrillero, Aiguablava st., Bosc de Roquetes av., Quatre Estacions path, Riudecanyes st., mirador de Torre Baró (balcony), carretera Alta de les Roquetes (road), Torre Baró (2), col of Canyelles, carretera Alta de Roquetes (road), can Rius, can Ferrer, turó d'en Gras, forat del Vent (3), col of en Fotja, portell de Valldaura (c&a), col of la Magarola,  Vista Rica col of Erola (4), Road to El Tibidabo (BV-1418), Can Borni path, Garriguella st., Siurana st., Roses st., Carretera de les Aigües (road), Trullols st., Navata st., Canaan st., Vall d'Hebron sq(c), Coll i Alentorn st., La Clota sq., Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer av., Els Mistos (5), Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer av., Botticelli sq., Rembrandt st., Valldaura av., Karl Marx sq., park Central de Nou Barris (6), Lorena st., Verdum av., República sq., Garrofers st., Rosselló-Pòrcel st., Park of Can Dragó (7), Meridiana av., Malats st., Comerç pl., Ajuntament st., Orfila sq., torres i Bages av, and Park Antonio Santiburcio (#).

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Start time: from 8.45 to 9.15am, from 9.30 to 10.10am, and from 10.15 to 10.45 am. 
End time: 1 pm
13,600 km.
Aproximate length: 
3 hours. 
Pass control (C): 
 Mirador (balcony) Joan Sales (10.00-12am)

Route:  Park Antoni Santiburcio (#), Gran de Sant Andreu, Malats st., Meridiana av., park Can Dragó (1), Alsamora st, Brossa st., Sóller sq., Estudiant st., Alloza st., Santanyí st., Virrei Amat sq., Serrano st., Amílcar st., Lluís Dalmau Creixell st., Sant Martí st., Sant Martí de Porres st., Alt del Pedrell st., Park of Guinardó (2), Panorama st., Labèrnia st., Turó de la Rovira (3), Mulhberg st., Juan Ponce gardens, track, mirador de Joan Sales (balcony) (c), path to Can Mora, northern acces to the Park Güell, road to Carmel, stairs to Jesuïtes, Pompeu Fabra av. , Sanllehy sq.(4), Verge de Montserrat av., Font Castellana sq, Verge de Montserrat av., Park of Nen de la Rutlla (5), Verge de Montserrat av., Sagnier st., Garcilaso st., Puerto Príncipe st., Cienfuegos st., Olesa st., Pegàs st., Parc of La Pegaso (6), Gran de Sant Andreu st., Comerç sq., Ajuntament st., Orfila sq., Torras i Bages av. and Park Antoni Santiburcio (#).

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OCTOBER 24Th 2021


Start time:from 7.15 to 7.45am, and from 8 to 8.30 am.
End time:
Length: 20,900 km
Approximate length:
 6 hours.
Pas control (C): Rosa dels Vents sq. (Badalona) (8-11 am)
Provisioning and pass controls (CPA):
Sant Jeroni de la Murtra (9-12am).

Route: Park Antonio Santiburcio (#), Torras i Bages av., Santa Coloma av., river Besòs, Salsareda av., Can Peixauret bridge, Molinet bridge, park of Molinet (1), Salvador Dalí sq., Pius XII av., Marquès Sant Mori av., rotunda, Park of El Turó d’en Caritg (2), bridge over the C-31, Ramon Llull st., Palau Municipal d’Esports de Badalona, Ponent st., Indústria st., Vaixell Maria Assumpta sq., bridge over the railway, Pati de Vela sq., Marítim de Badalona av., bridge of El Petroli (pier), Rosa dels Vents (c) sq.(3), Marítim de Badalona av., Fishermen boats (4), pass under the railway, Prim st., Germà Juli st., Via Augusta, Pompeu Fabra square/park(5), Martí Pujol av., pass under the C-31, Martí Pujol av., pass under lthe B-20, riera Canyet, phath to Cal Amigó, path of the Monastery, junction (6), Monasteri of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra (c&a) (7), acces to the Complex Esportiu Torribera (8), Complex Esportiu Torribera, c. Castella st., Ramon Berenguer IV av., Pallaresa av.(9), Parc of Europa, river Besòs, bridge of Santa Coloma, Santa Coloma av., Torras i Bages av. and Parc Antoni Santiburcio (#).

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Start time: from 8.45 to 9.15am, from 9.30 to 10.10am, and from 10.15 to 10.45am.
End time: 01:00 pm.
Length: 10,500 km.
Approximate length: 
3 hours . 
Pass control (C): 
Central Nou Barris Park (10.00-12am)

Route: Park of La Maquinista, Sant Adrià st., right bank of the river Besòs, bridge of Santa Coloma, Sarajevo bridge, Sa Tuna st., Passeig Antoni Cuadrillero, Aiguablava st., Portlligat st., Passeig Bosc de Roquetes, Park of Pla de Fornells, Passeig Antaviana, Roquetes sq., Ballot st., Mina de la Ciutat st., Alcàntara st., Artesania st., Via Favència, Karl Marx sq., Parc Central de Nou Barris (park), Lorena st., Passeig Verdum, República sq., Garrofers st., Rosselló-Pòrcel st., Park Can Dragó, Meridiana av., Malats st., Orfila square, Torras i Bages av., Joan Torras st., passatge Isabel, pedestrian walk, Ferran Junoy st., and park of La Maquinista.

Park Antonio Santiburcio (#), Torras i Bages av., Santa Coloma av., Parkc of La Trinitat Vella (1), via Bàrcino, Madriguera st., Trinitat sq., Mireia st., Saragevo bridge, Sa Tuna st., Antoni Quadrillero av., Aiguablava st., Portlligat st., Bosc de Roquetes av., Park of Pla de Fornells, Antaviana av., Roquetes sq.(2), Ballot st., Mina de la Ciutat st., Alcàntara st., Artesania st., via Favència, Karl Marx sq., Park Central Nou Barris(c) (3), Lorena c., Verdum av., República sq., Garrofers st., Rosselló-Pòrcel st., Park Can Dragó (4), Meridiana av., Malats st., Riera de Sant Andreu st., Rubén Dario st., Can Fabra sq., Sant Adrià st., Park of La Maquinista (5), river Besòs (6), Santa Coloma bridge, Santa Coloma av., Torras i Bages av. and Parc Antonio Santiburcio (#).

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Marks will be ARROWS and PLASTIC BANDS

The colour of the arrow or the plastic band will be the corresponding of the length of the routes:

Green: Barnatresc

Blue: 20 km

In those sections placed inside the Parc Natural de Collserola, marks will be found in metallic signs in the posts of the park. The image of those signs is the same or very similar to the arrows, but smaller, adapted to the size of the signposts.

In the pass and provisoning con-trols there will be posters that will inform walkers where are they and the distance left to the end of the route, the services available in that control and a map with its placement


Opening and closing ceremony

The Opening ceremony will be at 7am of October 23th in Park of La Maquinista.
The Closing ceremony will be at 5pm of October 24th in Park of La Maquinista.


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Tel.: +34 609 057 181 (from September 1st to October 22ht, 2021, from Monday to Friday, from 5 to 9 pm)

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