Two days walking in Barcelona

October 23th and 24th, 2021

Very interesting new routes that will let you discover the beautiful city of Barcelona.



01.- Because of the Covid-19, this year the form of the International Walk of Barcelona has been changed. There will only be one route of 20 km (official route for the IML WA), as well as a 10 km route (Barnatresc Internacional). We’ve been forced to establish new rules and a new way of participation that’s absolutely different from what existed before. Please, read closely all the rules, because they are compulsory.

02.- In order to minimise the infection risk, we will not give any kind of paper or document to the participants. They will have access to all the information through our website and the informative posters that will be place at the beginning and in every pass control.

03.- This activity will follow all the protocols established by the Generalitat de Catalunya and it will depend on any change that can appear any time. Participants must sign the Responsible Declaration. As it is said, it’s compulsory to sign and accept it in order to be able to participate in the Barnatresc route and the International Walk of Barcelona, both organized by the Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Associació d’Entitats Excursionistes del Barcelonès.

04.- It will be compulsory:
- to wear a face mask to start with the route and after ending the walk. It will be optional to wear it during the walk.
- to clean your hands before entering to the start area with hydroalcoholic gel, as well as at the arrival to the end area.
- to keep the distance, between 1,5 and 2m, in the rows. Please, go one by one.
- have all the documents ready at the start (registration paper, route form or Barnatresc card)

05.- The walk is open to everybody and available for all-aged people. Those walkers younger than 16 years must be accompanied with a grown-up. The participation of the walker in the walk goes under his/her responsibility.

06. To participate in any of those routes, walkers must have been registered properly according to the established rules. Registration can only be individual. Once filled the registration form and payed the fee, you will receive an email from Paypal (also if you pay by Visa, MasterCard, etc.,) in which Paypal confirms your registration and your payment.

07.- Route form
Together with the confirmation of the registration, you will receive the route form. This paper must be printed compulsorily. You cannot have it in your smartphone, because at the beginning and at the end we need to read the bar code, and our readers cannot read it in the phone. Those lectures will be the prove of having made the route, and it will give you the access to the register of activities as members of the IML WA or of the IVV.

08.- To participate in the Barnatresc Internacional (marked with green plastic bands and arrows), you must also registrate yourself, but you don’t have to pay any fee.
All the walkers must show the Barnatresc card and the confirmation of registration to the bar-code readers at the start, the pass controls, and at the end of the walk.

09.- Those walkers who have the Barnatresc card are allowed to walk the 20 km routes of the International Walk of Barcelona for free. This will also mean for them that those routes (it doesn't matter if they walk one or both days) will count for them as if they had walked the routes of Barnatresc in order to get the annual pin. Walkers must follow the established procedure to participate in the International Walk of Barcelona. To start, they must show the confirmation of registration and the Barnatresc card to the volunteers who read the bar codes.

10.- Barnatresc card. It’s compulsory to participate in the Barnatresc international. You cannot ask for it or collect it at the start. To ask for it, you must follow the established procedure in our website. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the request with a bar code number compulsory to make your registration. This confirmation email will not substitute the card. This card can only be collected in the days, times and places established in the website. If you can’t collect it, this card will be cancelled, so you must start the procedure all over again. Remember, this card can only be requested by Spanish people who live in Spain.

11. Those members of the IML older than 70 or younger than 10 (accompanied by a grown-up) can walk the 10 km (Barnatresc International) routes to get the participation control for their IML passport, according to the IML rules. They have to register themselves as if they had to walk 20 km routes and pay the established fee. The 10 km (Barnatresc International) routes have different times to start and the limit end time will be at 1pm.

12.The registration fee is 15€. This amount will not be given back under any concept.

13.- There will be a 20 km route on October 23th, and another one on October 24th, as well as a 10 km route each day.

14.- The routes are perfectly marked with arrows and plastic blue bands for 20 km routes. There will also be posters in the pass controls.

15.- The start times are specified in our website.

16.- The start and end of all the routes will be the Park of La Maquinista, between Joan Junoy and Sant Adrià streets (08030 Barcelona). Every day, the closing time will be at 3 pm. For the Barnatresc international routes, the closing time will be at 3 pm.

17.- All the pass controls have an established timetable to open and close. Those walkers who arrive before or after those times will not participate in the walk. The closing of those pass controls has been calculated in order to have time enough to get to the rest of controls and to the end of the walk if walkers have a constant rhythm of 4 km/h aprox.

18.- There will be provisioning controls in all the routes (drink or food).

19.- The organisation cannot know how many participants there will be. For this reason, the distribution of drinks and food in the controls will be made according to the availability of the previsions made. Walkers must carry the water and food they could need for the walk, because the food and drinks given during the walk are just for maintenance.

20. A health care service will be prepared at the beginning-end of the routes and all along each route.

21. All the routes combine urban sections and rural sections of different lengths. Some routes have a considerable accumulated slope (up or down), so walkers must check the slope profile that can be found in the routes map.

22. In urban and non-urban sections, walkers must always respect all the vehicles rules established for pedestrians (zebra crossings, traffics lights, signals, etc.). Except in some special places, the normal vehicle circulation will not be closed for pedestrian use.

23. In the non-urban sections, walkers must be extremely concerned to respect the environment.

24. Walkers must respect the rules established by the organization, especially about rubbish treatment and to keep clean all the places by which the walk goes on.

25. Registration includes an accident insurance for walkers of the Caminada Internacional de Barcelona, with Zurich insurance agency. The organization declines all responsibilities about any damage or prejudice that this activity could cause to those walkers who don’t follow these rules.

26. Walkers are responsible of all damages and prejudices that could be caused to other walkers, to themselves or to third natural persons or legal entities. The organisation of the CIB is not responsible, apart of what the law says, of accidents or illnesses of the walkers, neither the loss of objects or any other prejudice that the participant could claim.

27. Bad weather conditions and rain will not make cancel or postpone the walk. But, if there is any really important cause, even at the very last time, routes or sections of them can be cancelled or modified. In any of those cases, walkers will not have the right to claim the return of the fee of inscription neither to a compensation for any material or non-material damages.

28. The inscription to the walk means that walkers agree with those specified rules, and that s/he agrees that their personal data or images could be used for information or promotion purposes of the Caminada Internacional de Barcelona and the walks of Barnatresc. They will not have the right to claim for a retribution for this.

29. In any other case not considered in those rules, the last decision will be taken

EU Rules about data protection

According to the Llei Orgànica 15/1999, of Desember 13th, about Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your personal data will be included in a file that belongs to the Associació d'Entitats Excursionistes del Barcelonès, in order to be able to participate in our events and to keep you informed. When you give us your personal data you are giving us autorization to be used by the Associació Caminada Internacional de Barcelona and by Ajuntament de Barcelona - Institut Barcelona Esports to let them inform you about their activities.
Moreover, if you want to rectify them, cancel them, etc, according to this law, you must ask for them, by post or email, to the following address:

Associació d'Entitats Excursionistes del Barcelonès.- NIF: G-60858743.
Elkano, 24, bxs. 08004 Barcelona.