Two days walking in Barcelona

October 23th and 24th, 2021

Very interesting new routes that will let you discover the beautiful city of Barcelona.

International Federation of Popular Sports


Internationaler Volskssportverband (IVV) 
Fédération Internationale des Sports Populaires
International Federation of Popular Sports

In January 14th, 1968, a group of walkers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein met in the German city of Lindau with the aim of funding an international federation in order to unite all kinds of sports without any competitive aim and oriented towards all kinds of people interested in sports and in cultural interchange between people.

In December 15th, 1968, the International Federation of Popular Sports, also known as IVV, was founded by 4 countries. Nowadays, more than 50 countries from all over the world are represented by national federations or clubs in what has become the most important international walking federation and with the biggest amount of people of the world.

The IVV promotes the organization of sports without any competitive aim like, for example, walking, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, or ice-skating. Walking is the sport with the biggest amount of participants and clubs members.

The federations of each country member promote all kind of events organized by the walking clubs. The members of each club, together with the members of other clubs of the same country, and of other countries, enjoy of lots of walking activities, as well as about culture and food, towards the promotion and the cultural interchange and the friendly union of the different cultures and people of the world.

The IVV is formed by 28 national federations in Europe, Asia, and America. There are countries like Germany, which have more hand 1.5 million of federates in more than 1000 clubs, or Italy, which has about 1 million federates in more hand 800 clubs. 

The IVV promotes about 7500 sports events in its 5500 clubs all over the world.
One can participate in those events in different ways: 

1. To participate in the events organized by a club member of the IVV and that are open to everybody, like the International Walk of Barcelona or other walks that belong to the  IML (International Marching League).

2. To make permanent routes between 5 and 50 km by marked paths and approved by the IVV. Those routes are in charge of clubs members of the IVV, which take care of their maintenance and to credit their execution.

3. To participate in walking programs with several diary routes organized by clubs members of the IVV. They can use touristic agents (travel agencies, hotels, drivers, etc) to organize it. 

Those activities are published in the IVV, that is in charge to publishe them in an international register and to let everybody know them through  catalogues, books, newsletters, and the website of the federation.

The organizer club receives from the IVV a distinctive stamp for each activity and publishes a form, the “Start Cart”, that’s given to each participant in order to prove the execution of the routes by stamps.

The federation has several prices, medals and certificates those walkers able to show that they have finished a minimum of routes in a minimum amount of countries that belong to that international federation. 

The IVV organizes from 1989 an Olympic Games in one of their country members every 2 years.

Routes and permanent paths of the IVV 

The IVV passes through a group of expert walkers several routes and paths in all the countries member that have some IVV requirements about adaptation to walkers and fans. Those paths are promoted and collected in the route guide of the IVV in order all participants could know them and walk them, in order to promote the active tourism. The clubs member asks the IVV the accreditation of those routes in its territory with the name of “permanent routes of the IVV”. The club must give a stamp to those walkers who have fulfilled them with an stamp.

The International Walk of Barcelona in the IVV

 Des From May 14th, the International Walk of Barcelona belongs to the International Federation of Popular Sports (Internationaler Volksportverband) IVV.

This federation is placed in Altötting, near München (Germany), and its main aims are::

· Help people have good health by promoting sports in open air. 

· Promote a better comprehension among people and serve peace in order to establish friendly relationships based in non-  competitive sport. 

· The main aim of the federation is to promote popular sports. It can be considered popular sports walking routes, cycling
   routes, skiing routes, swimming, skating routes, etc, with non-competitive aim, no established time, no winner. 

· To bring together the country federations in order they could enrich their job with a permanent interchange of ideas and

In this year's edition, as in previous years, walker can get the IVV stamp.

For more information about the IVV and its activities, you can visit the web: